JUICE JAM map environment art

I had the gracious opportunity to set the style for a game, and I went a more graphic/shape-based route than I did for Tank Nation. This time I had the opportunity to also set the style for the characters as well, and all of it has been great fun. Here is some of the art that I've done on Juice Jam. It is a live game and going strong, and currently has a wonderfully talented team working on making the art better and better.

The game is free to play match 3 style mobile game can be downloaded at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/juice-jam/id893393414?mt=8

My original intention was to base the game style on the work of Mary Blair. The initial levels reflect this influence very strongly. You can see a gradual progression of the style beginning to evolve in these world maps.

Presently the style have evolved to be a little less abstract (with exception of the map based on M.C. Escher, ha), a little more realistic lighting applied, but retaining the paper-cut out feel and stylization.

right click images in a new browser tab to enlarge


The worlds are viewed in sections at a time, depending on which device you are playing on.


JUICE JAM World Map "Window" Background Art

When you click on a level and read the screen for game-play, there is a window that shows the world represented in the map. Here are a few of my "window" backgrounds.


TANK NATION environment art
As the main environment artist on the game, I had the opportunity to create various backgrounds and play with the look of how the world would look like. This is most of the production and concept art I worked on.

The free-to-play iPad game is available for download at http://www.appstore.com/TankNation.

Game Map screen 
This is the junkyard level, which is where the tutorial of the game takes place. 

  The backgrounds were cut up into layers when implemented into the game to be able to paralax.

nation 1: the desert

nation 2: forest
nation 3: mountains

Nation 4: Ocean

Concepts for Star Wars themed game reskin